Sunday, October 23, 2011


Conservative Republican Candidate for Florida House District 65
Member Pinellas County Sheriff’s Advisory Board
Trustee and Member of Gulf Central OSIA Lodge #2708 
 Contact#   (727)-786-8379                                                  

 I am Pro Constitution, Pro Gun-2nd amendment rights, Pro-Life,
    against The UN, Sharia Law’, big government, and global warming’
 I am a fervent supporter of our armed forces, veterans, police, and firemen.

        To Voters in the Florida House District 65 (North Pinellas)
 I was born in New York City and have been a lifelong registered Republican except for seven years when I became a member of The New York State Conservative Party-Bronx County. I changed my registration to the Conservative Party to encourage Republicans to vote more conservatively. After just four years the party gained state-wide recognition in a critical gubernatorial race underscored in an article I wrote, ‘Conservative Party scores decisive victory over Liberals’, with Elliot Roosevelt (FDR’s son) on the Liberal line.
   I organized support for the local police, and to eliminate the Civilian (Police) Review Board, spearheaded many community “calls to action” to reduce high taxes, stop New York City from overriding local officials with his ‘Little City Halls‘, to stop the City to change middle-income apartment buildings into welfare residences, and performed many civic duties as a leader to support conservative values.
   I contributed articles to four publications; The Uptown Sentinel, The Douglas MacArthur Conservative Club’s, ‘Bronx Eagle‘, ‘The National Veteran Times‘, and ‘The Italo-American Times‘.
   During the Vietnam War I debated Marxist Herbert Aptheker, and a local Professor Krassner, who brought 300 screaming college hippies to a Parkchester rally that called for the return of our ‘soldiers to come home in body bags‘. My words brought the quiet crowd of onlookers to a fever pitch. The crowd charged the police barricade and chased the Marxists out of the area. After the debate, publication of two newspapers articles, ‘Peace Rally Draws 300 Young Folk’, and ‘Communists Invade Parkchester’, the Republican Party asked me to run against as a Conservative with Republican backing against an attorney who was an incumbent Democrat in the New York House Legislature. Due to personal constraints, and the opportunity to make my tenor debut at Carnegie Hall. I decided not to pursue the seat.
   I remained active in politics and was appointed Public Relations Director New York State Conservative Party-Bronx County, which I held for five years.
   I moved to Ridgefield, CT, conceived and hosted a three-hour radio show (1993-2000) rated number 3 by Arbitron’s New York Ranker after one year on the air. I became active in Ridgefield’s politics, joined the Ridgefield Republican Party, wrote conservative-oriented Letters to the Editors, and was appointed to The Ridgefield Cultural Commission.
   I moved to Florida in 2000, published a novel, entitled, ‘Marco’ and created book signing events throughout Pinellas County libraries, and Barnes & Noble. I joined the North Pinellas 9.12 group and became its Correspondence Chairman. I attended and spoke at Pinellas County Commissioner meetings. I spoke in favor of lowering taxes, and the commissioners’ responsibility to refuse wasteful Federal Earmarks that increase the federal Deficit, such as $20 Million for a ‘Bike Trail to Nowhere’ (Courtney Campbell Causeway), the $1.3 Million which the Pinellas School System took to teach students ‘juice is better than soda‘, and the $475,000 earmark to build a ‘Green House‘ which was diverted to St. Petersburg College.
I have been active in local, County, State, and National politics:
·       Writing issue on local politics. See ‘Issues/Positions’
·       Spoke at County and State of Florida Legislative meetings on various issues affecting the citizens.
·       I support our firefighters to improve our Pinellas EMS first responder service by decreasing Sunstar’s role, saving taxpayer money, while preserving the superior emergency response time by our dedicated and professional firemen. I am 100% against the Latvala/Nehr bill LB 07, which seeks to change the funding for the EMS firemen.