I made it a practice to give my children an incentive to have a cavity-free report from the dentist, usually $5.00, plus a special treat. I also taught them to at least rinse their mouth vigorously after breakfast, lunch and dinner, if they didn’t have time to brush on those occasions. It was amazing how well my children complied and had very few cavities. The Hygiene class in school never taught children to brush, or rinse their mouth after every meal. With the unhealthy ½ hour lunch-time imposed, children don’t have time to digest their food, or even rinse their mouth. There is certainly enough fluoride in most of our toothpaste products which topically is alright, but to put such an ‘unknown risk’ into our bloodstream is wrong. Even if those ‘idealistic add fluoride proponents’ don’t realize it, their position is totalitarian in scope, ‘It does not take a village to raise a child! Let’s not usurp the parent’s job for a freer America! Phil Tropea

Hello Commissioners, I want to thank you for your ‘NO’ vote to not bring Fluoridation to Pinellas County. The $205,000 saved may not seem much but it would pay for 41,000 cars going into Tierra Verde and Howard Parks. I am upset over other small tax and rate increases by The Commission which cumulatively is breaking the backs of our taxpaying citizens. Our State Capitals and Washington, DC are rife with money from Lobbyists, tourists, etc. I’m sure there isn’t one single vacancy in the malls and other commercial areas. We should have the Feds and State officials visit Main St., Anywhere, to see the vast number of vacancies to let them realize that we locals are having the worst economic time of our LIFE! I would like to suggest creating a panel of retired CPAs to devote time to look into each and every dollar in every line item of the budget to check for redundancies, overlaps, as was found in 48 instances of our Federal Budget by the GAO. We need a zero-dollar based budget. There is money to be saved! Phil Tropea