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$80 Billion Stimulus Bailout to cost U.S. taxpayers $16B’  June 29th 2011

   It is  reckless for the Obama administration to say it is ‘great news for America’, that of the $80 Billion bailout that his administration gave auto makers Chrysler and General Motors, only $64 Billion will be paid back to the U.S. taxpayers.
   Obama should’ve required the automakers to pay it all back, no matter how long it takes. If you don’t think this ‘fuzzy math’ is crazy, you should stop drinking the Kool-Aid and get a psychiatric evaluation. Obama was happily paying off his political backers, and the Auto Workers Union at the taxpayers’ expense. America is sinking in debt and will drown if Obama is re-elected.
   To add insult to injury, Obama sent $56 billion of U.S. taxpayer’s money to Greece, and had the gall to say ‘Social Security, and Veteran’s may not receive checks August 1st, 2011’. Now that we are still sinking into an economic abyss, Obama wants to spent more $Billions of stimulus money we don’t have which will drive our economy into a nose dive, like Greece and most of Europe. This ‘fuzzy thinking’ is tantamount to giving a drunk more alcohol to make him sober!