Marines Act Rebuked


'Marines' Act Rebuked
By Philip Tropea, Republican Candidate House District 48
Published Jan 14, 2012

Dear Afghan President Karzai,

So you think marines are 'simply inhuman'.?
What do you call the Taliban that you want to negotiate with that chop the heads off of your countrymen and ours, such as Nick Berg, and a benign reporter like Danny Pearl whose wife had just given birth?  What a great gift for Danny's child.

You forget that the Taliban or Al-Qaida, take your pick it's the same old trick, that dress up their children with concealed explosives to kill your countrymen and our marines. Aren't these children too young to meet their seventy virgins?  
If you and your brother weren't so corrupt and devoid of human feelings, you'd burn the poppy fields. Burn, baby, burn! I have even worse to say to our 'so-called' Secretary of Defense, Panetta, but I'm a gentleman.

Philip Tropea, Republican Candidate House District 48