Conservatives victory over Liberals

 "Conservatives Score Decisive
Victories 0ver Liberals"
by Philip Tropea
The state-wide gubernatorial election gains of the 4-year
old Conservative Party of N.Y.S. despite the 22-year influence
of the Liberal Party signifies the increased dissatisfaction of
the liberal-inspired welfare state programs of subsidized rent
forced bussing and inflation via economy-crippling dencit spending
598,000 -608,000
Gubernatorial Election in N.Y.S.

The once midas-like touch of Liberal Party bosses Alex Rose
and David Dubinsky has crumbled in their desperate attempt
to have the ultra-liberal name of Roosevelt score a smashing
victory over Paul Adams and thereby emasculate the alternative
voice of Conservatism in N.Y.S. The soft-spoken but steadfast
Paul Adams, who is a Doctor of History and Vice President of
Rochester's Weslyan College, admirably carried the conservative
torch passed by the 1965 mayoralty candidate William F. Buckley
despite an almost complete news coverage blackout by the liberal
news media.
On Oct. 25, 1965 Liberal Boss Dubinsky explained the endorsement
of "lefty Lindsay" for Mayor (whom he admitted
even more left than Beame!) in full-page ads in three N.Y. papers
Dubinsky prophesized that if the liberals backed a victorious
"lefty Lindsay" then other Republicans in order to get elected
must act like Lindsay. At the same time Dubinsky concluded
that the Democrats would make drastic concessions to the liberals
in order to competewiththe Republicans to get liberal endorsement.
But due to the 400% increase in Conservative votes since the 1962
Gubernatorial election, the Conservative Party has torn away
the strangle hold that the liberals had on state politics. To paraphrase
Dubinsky. "In order for politicians to win the next election
they will have to act like Conservatives Paul Adams and William
F. Buckley."
When conservative-minded people will Stop voting for whom the
"phony polls  and liberal news media consider the winner to
be and instead vote on principles alone, the Conservative Party
will score smashing victories.
Surely the overwhelming defeat of the Civilian Review Board by
a 5 to 3 vote certainly indicates dormant Conservative strength.
Locally, conservatives outpolling the liberals 2 to I substantially
provided the critical swing vote for conservative endorsed
candidates such as Congressman Paul Fino. Senator Calandra,
Assemblyman-elect Fusco and (so far as latest count indicates)
delegates to the Constitutional Convention, Mastandrea. Drohan
and Charles Rice, Vice Chairman of Conservative Party. N.Y.S.
Last, but most significant is Governor-elect Ronald Reagan's'
amazing plurality of nearly one million votes in defeating incumbent
Governor Brown of California. This victory marks an historic
precedent for future conservative victories throughout the country
in elections to come.