Work experience

Digest of Work Experience  
Consultant; Electromechanical Design Manager in Military Aero-Space Field
Education: Gompers Tech HS, Bronx, NY - Graduated as Electronics Technician
Attended IBM Education Center, Bronx Community College, CCNY,
Sobelsohn's School of Insurance, Charter Oak College (Language Major)
Experience:  IBM Poughkeepsie, NY; Electrical Assistant on Scientific Computers, Designed
wire harnesses, and power supplies/chassis, calculated power req's for scientific computer.  
Norden Systems, Norwalk, CT; as Design Engineer/Product Liaison to Manufacturing,
for Navy countermeasure modules for radar system, and B52 upgrades.                                           
Perkin-Elmer, Ridgefield, CT; Electromechanical Design Supervisor on laser detection
system for jets and tanks. Outstanding Job Review responsible for success of program                                    
Image Graphics, Huntington, CT; Design Manager, created Design Standards for
Design/Drafting/Operations. Interfaced with all company disciplines as Chairman of
Engineering Changes for computer data reduction system for aerospace reconnaissance system.
Instrumentation Engineering, Mahwah, NJ; Design Manager and focal point for all Design doc's,
Proposals, and Vendor approval. Trained personnel
to design Automatic test Equipment (ATE).
Loral Systems, Yonkers, NY; Designer of Test Equipment for F15/F16 jet modules.
Computer Graphics, Armonk, NY; Design Manager/Liaison to Mfg/Operations of
Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) System.
My real estate sales experience began in NY 1973, (because of the unstable Aerospace field).
I sold single-family homes and leased commercial property for North Bronx Realty and became
office manager from 1975-1980, I operated my own
Real Estate/Insurance Brokerage firm. I then relocated to Ridgefield, CT.
I created and hosted a three hour radio show, called 'Mattinatta" from (1993-2000) rated #3 by
Arbitron's New York Ranker. I worked as a Broker Associate in real estate sales until 2000.
My wife and I then relocated to a condo we owned since 1986 in Island Estates of Clearwater Beach .
In Florida, I worked in real estate sales until 2008,
when I took off time to publish a novel, 'Marco' available in all Pinellas Libraries, with great reveiws,
In NY, I was The PR Director, and Marketing Director for The Bronx Junior Chamber of
Commerce, and Bronx Conservative Public relations Director for 5 years.
Presently I am the Correspondent Chairman for the NP9.12 Tea Party of Pinellas County.